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Supporting Automotive Production

The evolution of manufacturing processes derived from integrated technologies

We provide the optimum solutions for various problems that automotive manufacturers face on the production line by integrating a wide range of technologies, such as mechatronics, electronics, 3D, simulation, networking and programming.
We support all aspects of automotive production in order to shorten the production preparation time, optimize the equipment layout, and improve production capacity, quality and safety.

Improving quality through digital engineering - Automotive Manufacturing Equipment

We design and manufacture equipment that operates highly accurately, efficiently and safely by using 3D CAD, simulation technology and our engineering know-how. We also help to reduce costs and production preparation time through providing user-friendly equipment.

Enabling safe and smooth production preparation - Production Preparation Support

We support production preparation processes, such as installation, relocation and restoration for automotive manufacturing equipment, in order to optimize the production layout or smoothly launch production line operations. Planning and management construction can be done effectively by using our construction planning/progress management system (patent pending). Also, our animated safety instructions help ensure safe and effective production preparation.

Programming complex robot tasks - Robot Teaching

We provide overall support from off-line teaching to on-line teaching. By studying and programming complex robot motions using a robot simulator, we help shorten the production preparation and production time, and improve the equipment quality.

Optimizing manufacturing flow lines and achieving full-automation - In-plant Parts Distribution System

We have developed an automated guided vehicle that offers flexible transportation.
Our automatic transfer equipment with its simple design was developed by taking safety, environment and reliability all into consideration.
Our system does not require a large investment or a lot of space yet optimizes the parts distribution line and enables full automation.

Supporting quality assurance over the entire scope of the production process - Assembly Inspection Machine

We develop and manufacture assembly inspection machines for advanced and sophisticated electric components for automobiles. By integrating electronic technology, equipment manufacturing technology and information technology, we suggest the most appropriate inspection method and develop suitable machines to help improve the quality of automobiles.

Utilizing technologies acquired through our experience with in-vehicle components - Electronic Products and Components

Taking advantage of our abundant knowledge of in-vehicle products, we provide overall support from product development (circuit design and embedded software) to printed circuit board design and manufacturing, and production line peripherals. Using sophisticated technology, we respond to demands from customers in various fields.

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